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Bathstore Docklands at 62, 82 Commercial Road in London, England

Bathstore Docklands in 62, 82 Commercial Road, England: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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General contractor

Phone: +44 20 7702 9898


62, 82 Commercial Road,
London, England
E1 1NU
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Reviews about Bathstore Docklands

  • Alison Walker
    January 06, 2018
    1 /5
    Installation service Products were delivered on the first day of installation, and the fitters took care of the delivery. My husband and I were off to get married and went straight on honeymoon after, so leaving the flat to the fitters for 3 working days. We checked on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning that we would have a working toilet when we arrive back on the Sunday. ISSUE 1: No working loo left for us post-holiday When we got home on Sunday afternoon - surprise, surprise, there was no toilet. I was fuming at this stage, as if we came home later in the evening we would have had to knock on our neighbours' doors every time we needed the loo. According to the pre-installation email, we were told that it was the responsibility of Gavaska Loney, the Regional Installation Manager to ensure that the installation was done properly and in a timely manner. Rung, he was out of office. Great. Rung the installer - could not get hold of him. So I then rung the bathstore who managed to get hold of him. Our hot water was also turned off with no instructions whether it was safe to fill our boiler - they had both our numbers and no one bothered to call to give us an update. Issue 2: No respect for your property or your belongings in the flat 1. The builders were walking through my living room on a daily basis and having fags on my balcony. They did not have permission to enter my living room or smoke in my balcony - and the management company rules also do not allow for this. I have plants and balcony furniture on my balcony and this is a fire hazard. I found this out because I took a half day on the Friday (I did not tell the installers) and caught them in the act. I had seen traces of their footprints to my balcony everyday, but I had no proof that they were having cigarettes on my balcony until Friday. 2. They used my Dyson V6 without my permission to hoover up builder's dust, and subsequently this scratched the entire interior of the dust collecter and clogged up my dyson with white dust. BB resolved this quickly and said that they would replace this - was replaced within 24 hours. HOWEVER, Ivan the installer had a few confrontations with us in OUR HOME about this on the Friday when we took the half day. We took a half day mainly because we no longer trusted these two cronies in our house alone, so we arranged a half day with our respective workplaces. 3. At the start, we were asked if there was somewhere to store the new bathroom fittings - we have a spare bedroom so we said ok yes, that's fine. However, on the surprise half day, we found that actually they were using our second bedroom as a workshop - cutting tiles, sawing wood etc and putting dust everywhere. We found dust all over our wardrobe (which they did not bother to protect), under our sofa bed and in the little crevices in the room. As I am asthmatic, I hired a cleaning company to clean the second bedroom because it was unlikely they were going to clean anything up - nor did i want them to use my Dyson to do this. I will be sending bathstore this bill as well. 4. At the end of the installation, they left chippings on the floor, dust everywhere, grout on walls etc. BB came the next day to get the paper work signed and subsequently stayed for 3 hours clearing up Ivan's mess. Ivan did not fill the threshold between the hallway and the bathroom, nor did he bother to clean up even the loose dirt (see pictures). Ivan is also severely incompetent in checking the delivery - only telling us on Friday that the mirror was not delivered (some bath feet had been delivered rather than a mirror) and waited till Friday to bother telling us. We had to rush to Ikea on Saturday morning to get a replacement mirror as we did not want them to be in our house another day more given the confrontations they tried to have with us on a mistake they had made - a costly mistake, yes. But is it our fault? NO. All in all, do not use bathstore Docklands, especially if the above named parties are involved. Attachments area
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Bathstore Docklands is located at 62, 82 Commercial Road, London, England.